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Top 10 of the Best CBD Flowers

What is CBD?

The first important thing you need to understand is what is CBD in itself. The CBD molecule, also known as cannabidiol, is a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant of the sativa string. This plant is also known as hemp, and usually, this word is used to differentiate between recreational marijuana and medical marijuana.

Unlike the famous THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is used to get “high”, the CBD has no psychoactive effects on its users and actually has been part of numerous studies to understand the health benefits it offers. Actually, cannabis flowers with a high content of THC tend to leave people feeling paranoid or anxious, and this is where CBD flowers come in.

CBD flowers are known to offer relaxing effects on the body, as well as decreasing anxiety and depression symptoms, and even helping with PTSD. Due to the anti-inflammatory and anti-seizure properties of CBD, many people also use CBD flowers to reduce chronic pain and help with seizure prone diseases such as epilepsy.

What is the top 10 of the best CBD flowers?

1. Holy Grail CBD

Holy Grail is one of the favorites in this list due to its THC content and with as much as 4% CBD levels. This strain proves to be effective due to its various medical applications, offering several benefits related to calming anxiety and depression symptoms. For those who are looking for an easy-going relaxing experience, this is without a doubt one to try!

2. Blue Dream CBD

This is one of our favorites, being a sativa-dominant strain, its high-CBD content will allow for an amazingly relaxing experience. It has a strong fruity flavor and it has become very popular among its users, especially those who prefer earthy strains that improve alertness and concentration. You will have a good experience with this strain without feeling too numb or lazy.

3. Electra CBD

Being a high-CBD strain, Electra is a CBD flower that will make you discover different aromas, from citrus to pines, without stopping being sweet. This strain is great for both the vape as it is to your taste buds. If you are one of the people who like to eat their CBD flowers you will not be disappointed by its sweet and nutty taste.

4. Sweet Premium CBD

Sweet premium offers dense buds with no seeds, and a reminiscent of a medley of fruit and candy, which will surely make your test buds spark. Not only is it a very aromatic CBD flower, but it also has an incredible palate taste. As the name indicates, you will experience a sweet and candy-like aroma, which will make you relax and chill like no other.

5. T-1 Flower CBD

A floral and minty CBD flower, with some hints of citrus and lavender, T-1 will provide for an excellent vaping experience. Just like the Super Lemon Haze, this CBD flower has a beautiful color and will provide some lemony flavors. Being one of the most aromatic CBD flowers there are, we are sure you will be delighted by its smell and flavor. Make sure to try this one out if you enjoy the feeling and being in a summer picnic.

6. Cherry Wine CBD

One of the most popular strains of CBD, the Cherry Wine is a mix between Charlottes Cherries and Wife, offering a wonderful content of 22% of CBD. This CBD flower is grown from dense hemp seeds, and while its CBD content is quite high, we can’t say the same about the THC dosage of this plant, which is quite low. You will a good sweet cherry aroma, with some hints of black pepper.

7. Spectrum CBD

This strain of hemp is a CBD and terpene-rich flower, which presents higher THC content than other strains mentioned on this list. It is a broad spectrum CBD flower, which allows its users to get more beneficial and relaxing effects. You will be able to relax easily with a small dosage of this CBD flower. As the name indicates, you will also feel a broad spectrum of sensations when trying out this bud.

8. Wife CBD

This high-CBD strain of hemp has more than 18% CBD, offering a sweet aromatic scent and taste. Wife is a hybrid strain with some notes of cherry and produces dense green buds. Even though this strain has a higher CBD content, the THC levels remain under 0.3%, thus not having any psychoactive effects. The origin of the Wife strain is until this day in a grey area, with some suggestions that it descents from the T-1 or Cherry Wine strains.

9. Super Lemon Haze CBD

This sativa-dominant hybrid is a mix of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze, being a multi-colored wonder of nature. As the name indicates, this strain has a strong lemony flavor, with a zesty and citrusy smell, being quite sweet to the taste. But don’t expect a candy-like taste, as due to its citrus characteristics the Super Lemon Haze can be quite tangy. You will get energetic and lively, so don’t use this strain if you want a quiet chill couch-based evening.

10. Lifter CBD

This strain of CBD flower, just like the name indicates, will get you lifter. Ideal for people who want to feel relaxed and in a positive mood, this CBD flower offers a well-balanced ratio of CBD (14-20%) to THC (0.3%). With a citrus aroma of lemon zest and pineapple, with a scent of pine and white pepper, this strain is a full spectrum CBD flower that will relax and elevate you.

How did we choose the top 10 of the best CBD flowers?

Our aim with this website is to provide helpful information and truthful reviews of products we have tried and tested, and only recommend the best options we have found so far. We have been around the online CBD market and we have found excellent online CBD shops, but also some pretty bad ones.

We always focus on the following criteria when selecting the best products:

  1. Quality of the product itself
  2. Diversity of the products offered by a certain brand
  3. Compliance with the legislation
  4. Testing of the product by third-party laboratories
  5. Ingredient list
  6. Sourcing of the CBD

We truly believe in sourcing organic and biological products, not only because it will be better for the consumer, as it won’t contain chemicals and pesticides, but also because we believe in helping the environment.

But why choose CBD flowers and not other CBD products like CBD oil?

The main reason why you can get more benefits from CBD flowers is because of the synergy that happens when you burn it – even though the CBD flower has a higher content of CBD, it also contains some THC, and when smoking or vaping the flower, you will have access to the properties of CBD, THC and even terpenes, which will all work together to influence how your body reacts.

What is the ideal dosage of the right CBD flower for you?

We believe that this is a truly personal option. Every person’s body and endurance are different, as well as every different type of strain will affect different people in various ways.

When choosing the right dosage we recommend that you focus on flowers with a higher dosage of CBD when compared to THC, mostly because people are usually more sensitive to THC than CBD. We recommend that you start with a flower with lower content of CBD and slowly increase the intake until you find the right dosage for you and your needs.

How do you use a CBD flower?

You can benefit from the properties of a CBD flower in different ways: you can infuse it just like tea, you can smoke it in a pipe or in a roll-up, and you can also vape it.